Everyone knows it, right?

Corrine knows it, LS – of course – knows it and I’ve been told by a mail through my webinterface a few days ago. Ann-Christine Åkerlund, CEO of LS, is leaving the company and retiring in the beautiful homeland of Swiss cheese where no representative from Skatteverket is going to do any harm to “her” money … not that I am still angry that LS didn’t pay their debts (my salary during the termination period, that is) under “her reign”. No really, it’s “fine” if you don’t know your status and try to contact them – at last by the help of lawyers – and no one reacts, even after the termination period as set in the employment agreement. Also no problem whatsoever that the uncertainty about my status during that time kept me from assuming other job perspectives, but in that case I should be rather happy that I found a company that can be considered perfect for “LS-wars veterans” and I am very happy here!

By the way, the press release says:

Ms. Åkerlund will be passing on the torch to a member of the company’s senior management team.

… “senior” meaning less than one year (actually more like less than six months) in the company, in case some of you haven’t followed the exciting and frequent changes on the LS management page. But for LS this is of course a long time – believe me, I know! – so “senior” is the right choice of words. However, it makes me wondering what some of the other employees, such as the developers, who work there for 1.5 years (a little longer, that is) already can call themselves. Their job-title must be something like “über-senior long-time developer” or similar, oh wait, no … rather “soon-ex-über-senior long-time developer”, as I heard from a friend who finally managed to free himself from the tentacles of “the firm” by resigning 😆

At least this long-term experience in the company makes it likely that this handover will go on “without a hitch” and that the quality of service and products will continue in the same direction it developed in recent months and years.

// Oliver

PS: Should I have used some nautic metaphor such as “the … leaving the … ship”? :mrgreen:

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  1. JAL says:

    Ad-Aware 2007 is the worst version ever.

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