Make Ad-Aware OpenSource!

Now, as we know Lavasoft has published Beta 7 of its flagship-product-to-be Ad-Aware 20067 and things are getting better and better and better … well, just help yourself by getting an overview in the beta forum. I call on the Lavasoft management to make this quality code OpenSource now and make it available to the user community as a contribution in the effort to fight adware and spyware.

As we all know the most secure computer is stripped off of its power supply and network connections and buried below several meters of concrete, so the steps towards this solution taken by Lavasoft should be appreciated by the security community. Even I would participate in enhancing the system-crashing capabilities of a possible Ad-Aware OpenSource Edition to ensure that no adware or spyware sneaks on computers protected by Ad-Aware. Obviously crashed systems cannot be infected by new malware of any kind. Certainly an approach that we in the AV industry will have to look into. Again Lavasoft has taken the lead, let’s follow them. The system-crashing techniques incorporated in the Ad-Aware betas are so advanced that any other software company and even hobby programmers have to stand in awe.

It’s time. Make Ad-Aware OpenSource now!

// Oliver

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  1. SeenItAllBefore says:

    Heh! Lavasoft reports in their blog that they are “gobsmacked at the outpouring of community spirit” saying they have 302,335 registered beta testers. Too bad that 302,330 of them either cannot install the software, it crashes their machine or destroys other valid software programs.

    The other five? They report that it is great at removing tracking cookies.

    The problem must be from spending too much time with the harmonized horses:

    My suggestion to Lavasoft: go clean out the barn and shovel the ##### some place else because I have SeenItAllBefore!

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