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The next programming language I’ll learn …

Fjölnir … right after I excel in Icelandic 😉

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Wicked stuff!

Ilfak posted a nice demo clip on his blog: “Decompilation gets real”. This is really a dream of many reversers and could really speed up the analysis of many samples. // Oliver

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Na toll … Schneegestöber in Reykjavik

Man glaubt es kaum, fast Mitte April und es schneit, so daß man zeitweise kaum die Hallgrímskirkja sehen kann. Mich soll’s ja erstmal nicht mehr jucken, da ich ja morgen gen Süden (sprich Deutschland) fliege 😉 // Oliver

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Bomb Iceland instead of Iran

A colleague here at FRISK (which is located in Reykjavik, Iceland) just pointed me to this “proposal”. Спасибо, Анна. // Oliver

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