Bomb Iceland instead of Iran

A colleague here at FRISK (which is located in Reykjavik, Iceland) just pointed me to this “proposal”. :mrgreen:

Спасибо, Анна.

// Oliver

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2 Responses to Bomb Iceland instead of Iran

  1. Rosa says:

    Your stupidity is hilarious! Bomb Iceland? And what will that do? Its not the whole nations fault that people aren’t getting their money! It’s the idiots that rule the banks fault! The situation is very heartbreaking for us Icelanders, we don’t war with anyone! Our country is under control of some really stupid men!
    So screw you if you think its funny!!

  2. Oliver says:

    Ehrm, you did actually notice that my post is one and a half year old, did you? It has nothing to do with the current crisis and I can see how desparate everyone is every day here at work, since, guess what: I work here in Reykjavík, Iceland, and I like the country a lot. Otherwise someone would hardly work here for a longer period, right? Given the dark winters and the all too bright summers if you aren’t used to it from birth …

    I get my salary in ISK, I have an account here at Kaupþing, I am paying my taxes here … does that mean that it is not allowed to pull a joke – that, btw, was 1.5 years before this week’s crisis – by referring to an article that not just I but a number of Icelandic colleagues found hilarious?!

    It is not even necessarily the fault of the stupid people at the top, because a lot of external things play in. Heck, if Iceland wasn’t so small and its banks so big compared to the GNP, the crisis would have been more easily tackled. But it’s not.

    We’re sitting in the same boat, yet you curse at me for an age-old post because Iceland is in trouble now … scary 😐

    Með kveðju,

    // Oliver

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