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CVS and SSH on a very old machine …

Had trouble getting it to work with ancient versions of ssh (OpenSSH_3.1p1) and cvs (Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.20). Until I figured that I could write a little wrapper script to see what’s wrong. The wrapper script looked like this: … Continue reading

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ecryptfs and sshd …

I just made a discovery on the Ubuntu box I run. After being unable to log into it using SSH and my public key which it refused with a laconic Permission denied (publickey), I tried to dig deeper. So obviously … Continue reading

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Subversion over SSH using specific identity

Everyone knows how to allow one particular system account to be shared among multiple SVN users and who doesn’t can have a look here. However, I had a somewhat inverted situation yesterday, and although the solution turned out to be … Continue reading

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