Palettes in Iceland?

Okay, palettes (vörubretti) can be bought in Iceland from Saltkaup in Hafnarfjörður. I picked the plastic ones as they are lighter1 and offer more net weight for the freight I plan to ship. However, they also offer wooden palettes and there are two more only a stone throw away from Saltkaup, including Brettasmiðjan.

At Saltkaup one EUR1-size palette from plastic was 1500 ISK + VSK2.

Search for vörubretti or bretti, but make sure to ignore anything referring to snow boards ;)

// Oliver

PS: Saltkaup also offers other goods that can aid when moving, btw ;)

  1. just 4.5 to 7.5 kg for a EUR1-size palette []
  2. VSK == VAT []
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