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Satire darf alles

… aber nur weil man etwas differenziert in den Medien – immerhin bezeichnet als die Vierte Macht – behandelt sehen will, ist man kein “Putinversteher”, bzw. verliebt in Putin, noch ein “NATO-Hetzer”, Herr Welke. Zu beidem qualifizieren sich aber all … Continue reading

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Is Kerry the successor in spirit of Goebbels?

… and the State Department the new propaganda ministry? Check this out: Quite frankly I found the one-sidedness of this clip appalling. Not to mention the blatant lie starting at 1:12 concerning the options of the referendum on Crimea … Continue reading

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Fully static build of tmux using libc-musl for Linux

Find a script that does the job here. It will download the source packages if they do not already exist and then unpack them into a subfolder of the current directory named tmux. Then it will one by one compile … Continue reading

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Please, someone make this happen: Stephen Fry as Bond villain :)

During his very enjoyable “Stephen Fry in America” he makes so many impressions of a Bond villain that I thought it would be fun to see him as one. Alternatively it would be cool to see him as a more … Continue reading

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“The less Americans know about Ukraine’s location, the more they want U.S. to intervene”

This Washington Post article is somewhat sad … // Oliver

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“Scarecrow Organic Golden Pale Ale”

As can be expected from a pale ale, it is a bit hoppier. It has a golden color as the name already suggests and it was quite refreshing (at room temperature). The hop note is pronounced, but it doesn’t really … Continue reading

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“St Peter’s Organic Ale”

This is a relatively pale-colored beer with a noticeable smoky note. Personally I didn’t like it because I dislike smoked food in general, but I found the malt and hope notes quite balanced. So if you prefer a balanced beer, … Continue reading

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Git once again honors its name #2

Why is it that: $ git rev-parse –symbolic –branches gives me a perfectly parseable output when the more logical $ git branch -l gives me an extra “remark” ala: * (detached from v1.0.0)? The objective was to find out whether … Continue reading

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