“Meet The Hackers Who Sell Spies The Tools To Crack Your PC (And Get Paid Six-Figure Fees)”

Interesting article about Vupen to which a colleague pointed me (thanks, Anna 😉 ).

I have problems with their business model on so many levels, but just two points:

  • Their business is completely legal, although it may be immoral
  • I doubt selling to “democratic” or “NATO” governments will make any difference here. This is more likely to keep up a lucrative business rather than for ethical reasons. If they sold it to “rogue states” (by definitions of certain Western “democracies”) they’d risk their business model. Besides, if you look at the legalese that was written in the past decade or so that cuts our civil liberties and creates more of an Orwellian society in all Western “democracies” what exactly is the difference between a “democratic” government spying on me and a “nondemocratic” one doing the same? Aren’t they closing the gap with the “democracies” moving towards authoritarian societies?

// Oliver

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