The Icelandic customs did it again. So I was expecting a parcel from the family. It was a little late already anyway. Guess what I got today? … a standard letter stating limits (10000 ISK == 60 EUR at current rate) for gifts if this happens to be a gift – which the bloody customs declaration states clearly (i.e. that it is a gift).

Oh and to add insult to injury they attached the (original) customs declaration (in the original two copies, phrased in English and even saying Note for Icelandic customs officer) which lists the values of the items in great detail and now ask me in the letter to send them the information contained in that very declaration.

I read somewhere that Iceland has a 100% literacy rate. Those sources appear to be wrong.

// (annoyed) Oliver

Happy end: on Thursday last week the parcel arrived without further ado.

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