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German federals looking for trojan author – still

The German federals (BKA = Bundeskriminalamt, roughly the German equivalent to the FBI in the US) are still looking for someone with the qualifications to write what had been dubbed “Bundestrojaner” (literally: federal trojan) in 2008. This means that first … Continue reading

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Why is it …

… that everyone seems to be trying to get as close as possible to the luggage carousel in the luggage claim area at the airport? Wouldn’t it be more rational to stand a meter or two away from the luggage … Continue reading

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Thunderbird gave me trouble …

So after the recent update to Thunderbird, message filters stopped working. Potentially one of the add-ons got disabled in the update process, but I’m not sure. After trying to export and re-import the filters it turned out that the problem … Continue reading

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