Lesson (not) learned

Damn, I did it again. Went swimming and now I still have the C25K (day 2, week 2) ahead of me, because I slacked the entire day yesterday (i.e. 12th of July) :mrgreen:
If I survive the C25K I’ll update this post. If not, let me die without a runner’s nipple :mrgreen:

Did about ten headers (the shoulder is fine – I thought I cracked my spine at one point, but I’m still not paralyzed ;)) at the swimming pool, numerous more “bombs”. Met some Germans including a gorgeous girl who did a very elegant header from the 2.75 m board … okay, there were other (physically) attractive girls too, but she had proper charisma. At fifty kilos less I could have dared to ask her out 😥

// Oliver

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