Of course I don’t have really comprehensive numbers, but the only three official numbers for my weight I have so far have the following deltas: 0 kg, -0.9 kg, +1.0 kg … 😥 … despite the steady calorie deficit. I’ll blame it on the hydration and will look forward to some long term numbers.

// Oliver

Update: a few hours later, a long swim and a walk (but also a müsli and 1.5l fluid later) the weight dropped by 0.6 kg again. I’m confused.

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  1. Corrine says:

    Don’t forget, with the exercise you are doing, you are burning fat and building muscle. As a result, there will be times when there will not be a noticeable weigh loss, yet you are still moving toward your goal. In addition, even though 5 kg of fat and 5 kg of muscle are both 5 kg, muscle uses less space (volume) on the body than fat.

    Besides, when dieting, you should only weigh yourself once per week. Water weight will vary from day to day. Another suggestion is to take measurements (chest/waist) and celebrate when you can move your belt back a notch!

    Keep up the good work. You’ll achieve your goal.

  2. Andrej says:

    Yes, what she said. Belt notches can be misleading in other ways, when I changed my ways so that I ate small amounts of easily digestible food many times a day, the volume of food in transit was suddenly much lower, which automatically meant one notch on the belt. (Still, felt good.)

    Also, calorie deficit is by far not the only parameter here. Your body may decide to store some of the intake as ‘surplus’ just in case, if it detects you’re in ‘starvation mode’. This is why the so-called separation diet (proteins-starch-‘OH’-fruit) has a cake binge episode every four days, so the body is tricked into believing food is plentiful, and doesn’t cut back on metabolising, which would make you weaker but not any fitter or thinner.

    Sorry about the many quote marks. They indicate the terms should be taken with at least a pound of salt…

    Let me know which of your email addresses is good, I got something you may find useful.

  3. Oliver says:

    Yep, I heard about this trick to counter “starvation mode”. Email address is oliver at domain name of my website 😉 … it works fine.

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