Turns out one of my favorite meals is also quite appropriate for my diet. Just ate about 1000 g of it.

  • 500g Quark (or Icelandic skyr)
  • half an onion finely chopped (use according to taste, though)
  • salt (to taste)
  • 100 ml milk (or according to taste) to soften the mix; soda water can be used to make it “fluffier” and save calories – I still prefer milk 😛
  • mix above ingredients thoroughly
  • optionally (traditionally done where I come from): some linseed oil produced using the cold method, poured over the mix from above or blended into it
  • boiled potato’s (can be boiled with skin on, without skin or without skin but with salt)

Preparation time together with “waiting” on the treadmill approx. 40 min.

Yummy! :mrgreen:

// Oliver

PS: hint for Icelandic readers Yggdrasill sells linseed oil.

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3 Responses to Nice

  1. hitzi says:

    Kartoffeln mit Quark und Leinöl … lecker 🙂

  2. Oliver says:

    Jau. Sehr. Leider ist das Leinöl hier nicht so gut wie in der Heimat 😥 … aber wann immer ich hierher komme oder ein Paket erwarte ist welches dabei.

  3. Einar Jón says:

    My Hungarian wife has been eating flavored skyr on and off for 6 years
    She just found out this summer that the “plain” version is very similar to quark, which she has been missing for 6 years…

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