Fighting with Windows 7 SDK

I’ve been fighting with the Windows 7 SDK which kept complaining that I have no Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 installed. Well, I don’t have 2008 installed, but I do have 2005. Problem, however, was that most posts on the web point to a (long-fixed) bug in the Vista SDKs, which was completely irrelevant to my case. After some digging I found this post though, which sheds some light on the problem. It “only” affects everyone but “US (English)” systems but is rather trivial to resolve once you know the trick.

Solution 1 does not work for me at all. It tells me:
The Windows SDK Configuration Tool has successfully set Windows SDK version v7.0 as the current version for Visual Studio 2008.
… but did I mention I don’t have VS2008 installed? 😉 … and sure enough VS2005 has no clue about the SDK after this “integration” 😉

Oh well, so on to solution 2. That’s setting my locale settings to “US (English)” in the control panel and then trying the integration tool again. Et voila, it works (no logoff/logon needed). Only one catch, now I get LNK1103, but help is on its way in KB 949009 (download here).

// Oliver

PS: That’s right, it seems to fail because in German we write 7,0 instead of 7.0 😉

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