DDKBUILD.CMD 7.4/r60 released

Update #2: the flaw did indeed exist. I fixed it, the new revision is 60! I updated the links, this file, the RSS feed.

All the tests were successful, thus DDKBUILD.CMD version 7.4/r60 is now released. It improves the error handling for certain conditions and as such introduces the error code 254 (see the top part of the script for details of the error codes).

The message about each of the hook scripts being executed is now not displayed by default. You may turn it back on by using the switch /notquiet right after the script name (i.e. before the target parameter, e.g.: ddkbuild /notquiet -WNETXP fre . -cZ). If you want to suppress the output of the version and so on, use the /nologo switch as known from various other development tools. This switch also has to come right after the script name or after /nologo. DDKBUILD.CMD should handle both ways to order these two undocumented switches. Undocumented?`Well, yes. They are not mentioned in the help output and not in the top (“documentation”) section either – and I will leave it at that for now.

Last but not least it is now possible for any of the hook scripts to set OSR_ERRCODE to some value other than zero and thus cause DDKBUILD.CMD to abort. This also means that those builds will expose the error code to the caller (e.g. Visual Studio).

Enjoy the release. Download the latest version of DDKBUILD.CMD as always from the DDKWizard website.

If you prefer SVN, either update your working copy or export the (tagged) file:

svn export https://vcs.assarbad.net/svn/ddkbuild/tags/\

// Oliver

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