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Hi, and upfront: I’m very sorry for the delays in DDKBUILD and DDKWizard development. If you are following the developments in the Windows kernel driver developer’s world, you will have noticed that neither of the tools have been updated to Microsoft’s latest and greatest release of the Windows Driver Kit (informally known as WDK 7600.16385.0 or WDK 7.0.0).

Now for the good news: I’m working on it. I plan on having something ready by the end of this week, if all of the tests (yep, I do intend to create formal tests, for DDKBUILD first) run without issues.

If you want to have a sneak peek, please fetch the copy from trunk. Of course if you are already using a working copy of https://vcs.assarbad.net/svn/ddkbuild/trunk/, a simple svn up will do as well.

I want to thank Mariusz, who sent in a patch for the initial Windows 7 WDK support (based on rev. 34).

By the way: the guy running this highly interesting website was one of those reminding me of my duty, being the DDKBUILD.CMD maintainer and all 😉 … check out his website. Being a reverse engineer myself, I really liked what I saw.

// Oliver

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