Preparing for release of DDKBUILD 7.3

Please note that this is not yet the actual release. I want to use this post to announce that the DDKBUILD.CMD script from trunk is available now for direct download at any time. Please note that the version in trunk may not be well-tested, so if you rely on DDKBUILD, use the stable versions only. However, if you would like to get a sneak-peek, this is your chance. The file is updated hourly from my SVN repository (which is on another server) by a cron job.

Here’s the link ddkbuild.cmd (from trunk). Also note that these downloads are not counted by the counter on the download page. This is intentional.

The upcoming release fixes an issue described by Thiago Figueredo Cardoso over at OSR Online. Thanks for reporting it!

// Oliver

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