Time for a Russian missile shield on Cuba then?

History repeats itself, it seems. You don’t need to be particularly bright to admit that the so-called missile shield is hardly targeted at Iran and the other “rogue states”. There is a frightening scenario in sight again for Russia and ultimately the rest of the world a little less than fifty years after the last one:

Given the hegemonial behavior of the current US administration and overall since the end of the so-called Cold War (presuming it ended), no one can seriously rule out the possibility of a US first strike against Russia. Such a strike would indeed prove to be disastrous for Russia and its second strike capabilities. However, it is hard to imagine that the second strike capabilities would be completely destroyed in a first strike. Consequently Russia must feel threatened by the current developments, such as Poland agreeing to defense missiles being stationed near the Baltic Sea, just in front of Russias “door step” to neutralize those second strike capabilities. This brings the nuclear deterrence totally out of balance. Imagine Fidel Castro would have said in 1962: “no one tells Cuba what to do”, as the Polish leader did for Poland!

If I label a bottle full of 96% alcohol as “water” no one will be able to find out until they can have a close look. Similarly a number of “defense missiles” could as well turn out to be slightly more powerful than a usual “defense missile”.

The recent global developments are truly frightening … perhaps time for Sting to come up with a song about “Americans”, after his 1985 song “Russians”?!

… hope they love their children too …

// Oliver

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