Yeah, I know!

This is what I want to say in advance to everyone who wants to let me know that Iceland won against Germany in some handball match – presumably at the Olympic Games. What the heck do I know. I am not even interested in handball, but almost a dozen Icelandic colleagues had to tell me. My oh my …

Congratulations! (again)

And those who understand C99 can take this instead:

#include <stdio.h>
void main()
  FILE* brain = NULL;
  while(!brain) brain = fopen("/dev/brain", "a+");
  while(1) { fprintf(brain, "Congratulations!\n"); }
  // No need to close that brain :mrgreen:

Hope that helps :mrgreen: … the latter one should at least keep them busy, so to speak. I would have written it in Fjölnir, but in that case I would have risked the sanity of the compiler and readers of my blog 😆

// Oliver

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2 Responses to Yeah, I know!

  1. Siggi says:

    They did?

  2. Chris says:

    Didn’t you just post a comment about disk usage?
    Do you know how much space this brain will take? I always try to have enough space on my hdds so I am prepared against incoming crap software.
    A good rule would be today : Just use as much space of your disk as you use your brain capacity. So it would be 10% for many people and 90% for me (I have always 10% free disk space – that’s enough!).

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