Zweite Halbzeit der großen Koalition

Schön schön, bei der Regierungskoalition ist also Halbzeit und DW-World fragt Passanten wie zufrieden sie mit den bisherigen Ergebnissen dieser Regierung sind. Et voila, natürlich war auch diese zum Thema “Merkel” dabei:

Die find ich gut – vor allem, weil sie eine Frau ist.

Kam natürlich von einer Frau. Daß so ein Argument nur dann zieht, wenn man es als etwas Besonderes ansieht, daß eine Frau Bundeskanzler(in) ist, sollte klar sein. Der Rest der Kommentare war gemischt, aber keiner erwähnte auch nur ansatzweise Schäuble und seinen Kampf gegen die Verfassung in ihrer aktuellen Fassung. Vielleicht war ja auch das gemeint mit der Neupublikation von “Mein Kampf”? :mrgreen:

// Oliver

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  1. flyrfan111 says:

    Could you translate this to English?

  2. Oliver says:

    Hi flyrfan111, sure. Nice to see you here, btw.

    I’ll have to add some comments (in parentheses), though. The article assumes some preliminary knowledge that isn’t always available internationally.

    Second halftime in the great coalition (in Germany

    Nice nice, the government coalition has halftime and DW-World (TV channel) asks pedestrians how content they are with the result of this government until now. Et voila, of course there was this one about the topic (chancellor) “Merkel” among them:

    I like her – especially, because she’s a woman.

    This was of course expressed by a woman. It is obvious that such an argument can only be valid as long as it seems to be something special that a woman is chancellor. The rest of comments was mixed (satisfied and not), but no one even mentioned Mr. Schäuble (similar to DHS in the US) and his fight (German “Kampf”) against the constitution in its current version. Maybe that was meant by (the discussion about) the re-publication of “Mein Kampf” (“My fight”)?

    “Mein Kampf”, Adolf Hitlers rather laughable work has been banned in Germany and was mostly available to scientists in edited versions. Copyright ends 70 years after the death of the author in Germany, and they discussed the re-publication even earlier.

    I am personally all for it, because those stupid enough to take this work serious will not change their opinion or would be kept from getting it “somehow” otherwise. However, those who are half-way intelligent know the context: a war with a huge death toll and the hatred towards jews. So they will find his words laughable.

    I’ve heard the audio-version (which seemed to be edited, though) and was – coincidentally – read by an Austrian author. I also had downloaded a version from the web years ago and I have to say this book is mostly nonsense to me. So yes, down with censorship, publish it and show how stupid this man was.

    // Oliver

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