Users grumpy? I don’t know why …

In this blog entry I outlined that the new approach LS takes to keep malware from the customer’s machine was due to downtime. Suddenly people start complaining about it, although this strategy was clearly shown during the beta phase in each and every of the betas.

Join the club.
At least you caught yours before it destroyed the operating system.
The new 2007 took 45 miinutes to eradicate my registry.
And no-one has responded, either on these forums or via e-mail to a support request sent earlier in the week.

How does System Restore work for you?
If I can get this open once, I need to know if System Restore (XP Pro, SP2) will fix it.
(Source: LS support forum)

First asking for protection and then complaining about the implementation details, as if they weren’t clearly outlined in advance 🙄

// Oliver

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