Beta 52 has been postponed …

LS just announced that the Beta 52 of Ad-Aware 2007 has been postponed by one year. Instead of making it available in March 2008 it is now scheduled around March 2009 due to a change in the beta release cycle (fortnightly instead of weekly). However, this is preliminary information and subject to changes :mrgreen:

// Oliver

PS: As always a screenshot is available in case the blog entry disappears 😉

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2 Responses to Beta 52 has been postponed …

  1. SeenItAllBefore says:

    For goodness sakes, people made jokes about Microsoft taking so long to roll out a complete OS. Why is it taking them four years to update the software. There are better MRU and tracking cookie cleaners out there.

    Someone send a message to that lipstick building telling them to hang it up ’cause I’ve SeenItAllBefore.

    “Ad-Aware 2007 Beta Update

    You asked for it and you got it!

    In response to requests for longer evaluation periods on the beta and more corrections before each release, we’re responding by adjusting beta releases to every other week instead of weekly. This will also allow our development team more time to update and enhance the functionality of Ad-Aware 2007 and squash any bugs found.

    Ad-Aware 2007 April Beta Schedule:

    Beta Five – April 5th
    Beta Six – April 20th

    Stay tuned for more information on future beta releases. Make sure to download the latest version when it’s released.”

    I gave up on the first one.

  2. Oliver says:

    I am sure hardcore fans will not pass their chance to betatest the 52th beta, you just seem to have no endurance :mrgreen:

    // Oliver

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