Some knew it, others found out recently.

Since Corrine put it up so nicely I am not going to add anything for now. Maybe later. LS has finally trouble with the tax authorities. My Swedish is not good enough to translate it ad-hoc and I also lack the time. Therefore thanks to Corrine for the nice write-up.

The gist of the text was quite well matched. Here are the links to the original (Swedish) articles from Göteborgs Posten:
1. It-bolag har stora skatteskulder (IT-company has tax debts)
2. Det luktar skunk på Lavasoft (This smells “fishy” with Lavasoft)

Yes, it smells indeed,

// Oliver

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5 Responses to Some knew it, others found out recently.

  1. SeenItAllBefore says:

    Looks to me like these people at the forums, Corrine’s blog included, are being a might bit too kind.

    A few years ago SeenItAllBefore heard nightmare stories about former Lavasoft employees.

    — One lady on sick leave and under doctor’s care due to the extreme stress from the office — so stressed that she vomited before going into work and then fired by A-C while on sick leave.

    — Working many, many hours “overtime” with the promise that they can “cash them out” but never given the opportunity to do so.

    I believe the comments that are being posted at about people being fired because A-C doesn’t like them; that she treats employees with disrespect, screaming at them for no apparent reason, and not paying wages that people are owed.

    Not to forget your experience with Lavasoft, there have been many, sudden disappearances of employees at Lavasoft over the years — through the present (Anyone remember LS Steve who started the new forums?).

    Oh yes, I’ve SeenItAllBefore.

  2. SeenItAllBefore says:

    Hey, Oliver. Brush up on your Swedish will you. That comment I talked about must really bother someone. Seems it was reported and may just get flushed. Sure would be a darn shame if it disappears because there is no doubt that the writer has SeenItAllBefore!

    Tragiskt men sant 2007-02-09 19:12

    Jag tycker det är tråkigt att läsa era kommentarer, att ni drar in skattebiten istället för att lägga fokus på hur företaget behandlar sina anställa.

    Denna ägare av företaget har ingen som helst respekt för någon annan utan lever i sin egen fiktiva verklighet. Det må hända att det en gång var ett litet garageföretag, men vill man växa får man också behandla folk runt omkring sig med respekt.

    Allt denna person har gjort skulle få dom flesta människor att rynka på ögonbrynen och verkligen undra vad hon är för någon.

    Hon sparkar folk utan någon som helst anledning förutom att hon tycker illa om dom. Hon vägrar betala ut löner som hon är skyldiga, hon driver folk till att jobba obeskrivligt mycket. Hon skriker åt folk trots att dom inte har gjort något fel, hon är utan tvekan en slavdrivare.

    Det är skönt att se att någon äntligen har fått upp ögonen för Lavasoft. emser

  3. Oliver says:

    Hmm, well. Will take a while to translate that. I understand perhaps 50% without dictionary. This is not as other usual texts 🙂

    // Oliver

  4. Oliver says:

    And here is what Lavasoft has to say about it. Fairness where fairness is due … we should hear both sides.

    Press article: Comments on a local Newspaper Article Regarding Lavasoft

    // Oliver

  5. Oliver says:

    Some more stuff from Göteborgs Posten:

    Det luktar fortfarande illa

    Enjoy 😉


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