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Please keep foolin’ us – we like it, thanks :)

Last night I commented on the chauffeur of LS and still he didn’t make it into the “hall of fame” of LS’ management as logistics manager. I am one of the lucky ones to know his name and how he … Continue reading

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Where else in the world? …

Where else in the world are all Police motorbikes from Harley Davidson? … must be Iceland again! But for something more serious which fits well under the same heading. A blogger in Egypt has received a prison sentence for: “inciting … Continue reading

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DDKBUILD.CMD updated (v7.0 Beta 6)

Thanks to feedback from some users, several bugs could be fixed. The two worst were: Build scripts failed with relative pathes Return code of the script was wrong Also I took the chance to implement some minor changes in how … Continue reading

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Find the missing manager …

In their press announcement Lavasoft writes: The person that is referred to as the company’s chauffeur is the logistics manager of Lavasoft. … now all dictionaries I checked draw a direct connection between the terms “management” and “manager”. Am I … Continue reading

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