2006 transatlantic aircraft plot

Well well, another sh*t hits the fan.

Several media reports and this Wikipedia article suggest there has been some plot “of blowing up as many as twelve aircraft in mid-flight from the United Kingdom to the United States”. Not even asking for the truth behind these reports I am using my prophetic powers to foretell that this will cause less rights for more citizens in many countries.

It is known that there are lots of sceptics around the world when it comes to “nine-eleven”, or 2001-09-11 as I prefer to put it. I am one of them. You need not to have a conspiracy theory to doubt many of the official “facts” presented to us in the aftermath of this day. Thierry Meyssan a French journalist has written an excellent book about the Pentagon crash which raises some important questions. He does not write about the WTC crashes, because if one single piece in the official story is puzzling, the whole story begins to “stumble”. Other people that would be widely considered as members of the educated elite of their country are doubting the story of the destruction of the WTC buildings due to fire – using laws of physics.

But let us no longer discuss about “nine-eleven”, you already see that the way politicians have treated all the threats, successful terrorist attacks and revealed plots in the past years since “nine-eleven” (and even before) made me a real sceptic. In fact I don’t trust any politician including the dreaded terrorists on their shows (who are making politics too) infrequently broadcasted by Arabic TV channels. The words “terrorism”, “terrorist”, “terrorist attack” have been used so inflationary, the politicians have misused their power to such an extent in the past few years to cut our rights, why would I trust the very same politicians if they announce a plot such as this one today. Especially the way Arabic and other Muslim people are treated in reacttion to such “revealed plots” – with caution, anger, fear – makes me worry.

And seriously, what are the DHS restrictions to disallow taking liquids into the cabin meant to solve? I wonder what happens if someone manages to make these liquid explosives drinkable? Am I allowed to urinate when being on the plane – I mean, it is a liquid, potentially dangerous, no? This whole thing is just laughable. We are trading in our rights as citizen of so-called free countries just to see that we cannot prevent terrorist attacks. London – together with the rest of Britain – has the highest number of cameras per citizen, did it help to prevent the plot of last year? Nope. Will it prevent future incidents? I doubt it. It may help find the guilty ones, but this won’t give the life back to anyone killed during an attack.

And frankly, the war in Lebanon, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, operations in Somalia and elsewhere, the treatment of the prisoners at Guantanamo and in Iraq and Afghanistan, all this means that the terrorists will not have problems to recruit new suicide bombers and guerilla fighters in future. Instead of putting billions and billions of dollars into war – which is not, as opposed to the public view, just paid by the US-Americans – they should put the same efforts into development of those countries where poverty and frustration about the arrogance of us Westerners drives young people into the arms of organizations that promise them a “better life” after life on earth. When young people – the future of all mankind – have no hope for a better tomorrow so that death seems to be the better alternative, we are lost. All mankind will be lost …

// Oliver

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