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Es fehlen einem die Worte

Papstbesuch für mehr als 50 Millionen

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First time I got blocked by Wikipedia

Turns out this server and along with it approximately 64k IP addresses are blocked from editing Wikipedia, because apparently some customers of Hetzner – my hoster – run open proxies. I appealed the block and will have to see what … Continue reading

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Da hab ich mir ein paar Weintrauben als Snack geholt und dann aus der ZDF Mediathek doch die falsche Sendung gewählt: TerraXpress “Blitzsauber”. Und da geht es dann im ersten Teil um Vogelkacke. Guten Appetit! // Oliver

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WikiLeaks’ Collateral Murder: U.S. Soldier Ethan McCord

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Der is ja böse.

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Polish sauerkraut stew: Kapuśniak

I adapted the recipe here to my needs. The original author does not seem to use sauerkraut, but I only know it with sauerkraut and a Polish colleague confirmed that Kapuśniak requires sauerkraut. Alas, here’s the recipe adjusted by me. … Continue reading

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Looks nice already …

Udo Kier for the win. The first movie I saw this guy in was “Queen of the Damned”, the one I liked most with him was “Mark of the Devil”. And now this. Have been following the progress some time … Continue reading

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Einen Kamillentee später …

… geht es mir wieder halbwegs besser. Keine Ahnung was es war, aber irgendwas ist mir nicht bekommen und wollte wieder raus. Und kein passendes Kotz-Smiley // Oliver PS: ganz schön unfair, denn die Kalorien waren schon gezählt und der … Continue reading

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Hehe, funny!

Wikileaks spoof ad

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Finally an Icelandic volcano with a name news presenters can pronounce. Klaus Kleber, presenter of the heute-Journal in German ZDF, was visibly relieved about the fact that this time the name of the volcano is easier to pronounce // Oliver

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Judgment day over …

… in Iceland, some more countries to go worldwide. // Oliver

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Bye bye …

The final phase of migrating this and several other sites and services I host to a new server concludes thus. Zeroing out the volumes on the disks should finish in about an hour from now. // Oliver

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Nicht vergessen

Mäxchen ist nicht vergessen Max (1997 – 2010) Siehe Farewell, little fellow, vor exakt einem halben Jahr – auch an einem Sonntag.

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Жил-был пёс

A Ukrainian folk tale told in a cartoon (in Russian). Here with English subtitles. Just lovely.

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Stop it!

We noticed that you are not at the top of the search engines for a number of your key terms. We have helped companies similar to yours to achieve top organic rankings. Please reply to this message and we will … Continue reading

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Damn …

Trying to break into my Yoggie Open Firewall Pico via SSH since I forgot the password. Using the current method it will take approximately 41 days and 6 hours to finish around 1.5 million passwords. *gnarf*

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Поехали! 50 лет/Jahre/years

Первый человек в космосе Erster Mensch im Weltraum First man in space

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Auf den heutigen Tag und nach dem Streß der letzten Tage gibt es jetzt … *trommelwirbel* … einen Cognac. Mein Opa meinte: die wärmsten Jacken sind noch immer die Konjacken. Recht hatte er. Auf die Gesundheit und die Erinnerung an … Continue reading

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So … PBXT or Aria?

I had changed the table storage engine format from MyISAM and InnoDB to PBXT for my blog and some other blogs I host. Little did I know. Of course WordPress will hide any and all errors from plain sight, so … Continue reading

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Top ten disk space hogs in current folder

du -cks *|sort -rn|head -11|awk ‘{printf “%-8.2f MiB\t%s\n”, $1/1024, $2}’ NB: first item is the total size, so it outputs eleven lines. Update: a better version is this one: du -cks *|sort -rn|head -11|awk ‘{printf “%-8.2f MiB\t”, $1/1024;\ for(i=2; i

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