Stupid news story

So currently a story about some Mormon ((this seems to be mystically important to the story, perhaps it was the magic underwear?)) from the US-of-A survived two – according to some even three – terror attacks.

So in case of yesterday’s attacks in Brussels he was a mere few meters away. Fair enough, I’d count that one, no doubt. +1

The Boston Marathon bombing some years back was another case, but he was a block away and only felt the detonation. I have a hard time counting that one. +0


While I lived in Iceland, I witnessed a fair share of earthquakes, but I wasn’t directly at the epicenter of any. Does that make me an earthquake survivor? Well, brave souls those Icelanders, because earthquakes are a daily occurrence. Sometimes you notice them, sometimes you don’t.

And the last one – brace yourselves – were the attacks in Paris last November. Because he was in France at the time. About two hours away from Paris. +0

Right, so as a frequent earthquake, war and terror attack survivor ((because I live on the same planet on which these things happen)), I call bullshit!

So he survived one terror attack. But this is not about him. Frankly, I don’t care no matter whether he or his family brought this to the attention of the media. The problem is the media. How the fuck is his survival relevant to anything or to anyone but his family and friends? How can this make the news, but all kinds of crap in the world ((including some that certain terrorists take as justification for their attacks)) never makes the news?

// Oliver

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