Am I the only ignorant bastard who is skeptical about this?

Google Fiber in Kansas City. I’m torn between jealousy and skepticism concerning the many areas of our lives that Google tries to invade these days.

Don’t be evil was yesterday, … ever since Larry Page took over the position as CEO of Google in April 2011 (in my opinion). Googlers and Ex-Googlers I have talked to have voiced their skepticism about changes of internal policies and overall atmosphere within the company. Although that could be biased, which I cannot verify or falsify.

Nevertheless the many interests Google shows are actually rather scary, I think. Let’s consider for example the DNS service they offer. So I block as much of the Adsense-nonsense and tracking in place to stalk me while browsing the web, and then of course I’ll use the uncensored DNS server(s) from Google? I think not. Actually that gives them more information than they already get by my search queries even if I empty out cookies and other web storage in my browsers and use different browsers as well as VPNs and proxies. In short: it provides them with yet another puzzle piece to complete their “picture” of me … of us …

The whole philanthropist look of these “services” boils down to getting to know me, the “user” (and potential marketing victim), better.

// Oliver

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