We have a new waterfall in Iceland. Best of all, it’s not far from downtown Reykjavík in Þverholt (a street), no 300m from the bus station Hlemmur. So it’s one of the cheapest sightseeing locations for tourists and strong competition for the Golden Circle (Geysir, Gullfoss, Þingvellir).

This waterfall is quite peculiar and defies the laws of physics to some extent. The water runs vertically up from a bedrock structure and from there down the street. The ice structures in the last few days were interesting to see as well. I can highly recommend this beautiful piece of Icelandic nature to any tourists. If I find the time I shall add a photo to the blog for your viewing pleasure. People inside the company suggested that polar bears be confined there as an attraction for tourists and Icelanders. One colleague suggested to feed banksters to the polar bears for extra fun 😆

// Oliver

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