Little changes with big effects …

I’m using screen more and more, but this night I ran into a problem I hadn’t anticipated. I was trying to establish SSH sessions inside “pre-created” windows (using a specific screen profile). Now I wanted to automatically call an initial command once the SSH connection would be established.

Just using screen -t machine ssh machine worked fine (and started the remote shell), but once I used any command (screen -t machine ssh machine command), the remote terminal wouldn’t echo (no prompt, for example) but it would show black/white output of commands I’d run. So clearly the command I had invoked on the remote end was being executed, just something was wrong with the terminal type (among other things).

The solution was interesting though. By adding the -t option I would force SSH to allocate a pty and suddenly it worked.

Like this: screen -t machine ssh -t machine command

// Oliver

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