Visual Studio 2010 will be the new version 6?

Everyone loved Visual Studio 6 and many people continued using it despite the availability of VS 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2008. Now, I saw Microsoft promise on some website that version 2010 will be the new version 6. Somehow I don’t think so. Apart from it coming even bulkier and being slower than VS 2005 (my favorite), it required two reboots during installation for the beta version.

Maybe the next one will be better?

// Oliver

PS: Oh, and I noticed that it was moved to MSBuild as project file format, which causes DDKWizard to fail.

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2 Responses to Visual Studio 2010 will be the new version 6?

  1. Einar Jón says:

    Are you sure they meant Visual Studio 6?
    Wasn’t Vista version 6 as well?

  2. Oliver says:

    Quite sure, yes. Visual Studio 6 is still seen as one of the best versions by many people, so some claimed that VS 2010 is aspiring to become the new VS 6.

    Yes, Vista is a version 6 as well. Just like IE 6 there seems to be some curse with the number 6 in general :mrgreen:

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