Overall a rotten website, but there are some gems on it …

Like this, for example. Description of the neighbor:

Total, absolute jerk. Irresponsible. Lets his velociraptors roam freely around the neighbourhood. They ate two of my children, but thank goodness I have more or there’d be no one to put to work in the coal mines. Animal control won’t do a thing about it, and every time I call the police the raptors are back behind the electric fences by the time they arrive. Just the other day an elderly woman three doors down was eaten as she went for the morning paper. I don’t know what to do. Thinking of joining the township council and pushing through an ordinance banning the keeping of dromaeosaurids as pets. Any suggestions?

This would not have happened without genetical research. Surely not! ­čść

// Oliver :mrgreen:

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