Windows Vista SP1 (x64)

… so this weekend I took the time to reinstall my Vista (wanted to do that anyway after I hadn’t maintained my series of backups to revert to for that machine and I am switching from 32bit to 64bit ;)). Okay, so I am sitting here … waiting for it to finish. Meanwhile I thought to myself: alright, since you know it can’t be slipstreamed, let’s search for a tool that would be able to slim down Vista. So I used a search with varying terms and – no matter what I entered – always ended up with vLite. No worries, I like the tool. I find it somewhat ingenious, although those guys, as well as the guys from nLite seemingly didn’t ever try the same with an NT4 or Windows 2000 (such as I did years ago in order to automate it in part – and txtsetup was partially broken in Windows 2000). But sorry, what’s the point? Has anyone ever considered slimming down a Vista after it was installed? Since SP1 only allows what was labelled as “reverse integration” by those who documented the method, and there is no way to actually install SP1 on a Vista whose install DVD has been slimmed down by vLite previously, we’re in a catch 22 situation. Right? So this won’t work with SP1 at least unless you want to go through the tedious process of “reverse integration”.

Meanwhile it’s installed, but apart from a few tips like deactivating certain services (which I would have done anyway), nothing substantial has transpired so far. 😕 🙄

// Oliver

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