Why I can’t move on …

Some people have asked me why I can’t let it rest and have the whole story with my former employer forgotten and buried once and for all. Well, what would you do in case your employer (or former employer) isn’t paying you as stated in the employment agreement and causes a lot of trouble because of problems with health insurance and other things? What, if your former employer wouldn’t even reply to you ever, even to registered letters? What, if your former employer would tell you that the overtime, the flextime and the vacation that you had collected were suddenly void? What, if your former employer would have invalidated your key to the company premises and told the receptionists to not let you into the premises of the company by any means (talking about a so-called “business-hotel”)? What, if after such an incident the former employer told you that you left your work without being allowed a leave, while earlier having you given the oral and written permission? Does that sound like a professional relationship between employer and employee?

Would you let such a case rest? … I would have loved to move on long ago. I even offered them to let go of two of the outstanding three wages (not vacation and so on, though) in order to have it forgotten and buried – if, in return, they would have let me go (i.e. cancelled the termination period after the last paid month). I never received a response, let alone a positive one. Faxes, letters, registered letters … nothing helped – not even letters from my lawyer after I decided to get one. Only after the case was registered with a court, they felt the need to respond.

// Oliver

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4 Responses to Why I can’t move on …

  1. Chris says:

    If you ever get bored with your employer think of me and the JEDI API.
    We – the Delphi community – miss you so much!!

  2. Oliver says:

    My current employer is just fine. Working here over one year hasn’t changed my enthusiasm and that of co-workers 😉

    But I’ll try to spare some time for this as well occasionally.

    // Oliver

  3. Chris says:

    As far as I know you are working quite constantly. Maybe you want to pack up the 5 years (you mentioned in the original post) in only two years?
    Ex. 5y * (aprx. 300 working days) * (regular working hours) 8h = 12000 working hours.
    12000wh / 20 (work hours per day) = 600 days ~ 2 years with 112 days vacation.
    We expect you to be available in Dec. 2009 .

    By the way: Could you fix that function you disassembled?

  4. Oliver says:

    Kein Kommentar ohne meinen Anwalt :mrgreen:

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