“All Americans are stupid!”

Yeah, now that I have your attention, let me make my point. First of all, I hate generalization, thus of course not all Americans are stupid. Secondly, I hate if someone says “Americans”, but actually means “US-Americans”. Check it out in an encyclopedia or even just on Wikipedia, “America” is made up of two continents and there is more than one country on both of them. So actually no one has the monopoly on the term “America” or “Americans” – sorry, fellows.

Anyway. Why do I actually write this? Well, some people have asked me occasionally whether I hate “Americans” (coming from US-Americans I take it for granted that they refer to their nation 😉 ), which I said I do not. However, apparently some of my blog entries make people suspicious of me. For example if I criticize evangelicals. This has nothing to do with the fact that I hate “Americans”, but rather that I hate religious zealots. Or comments on certain things going on world-wide and/or in the US or with references to the US. All this doesn’t mean I hate “Americans”, nor does it mean that I can’t distinguish between individuals. In fact I know some fairly nice and intelligent people from the US – and why not?! 😆 … I mean if you were to criticize the fact that in Germany more and more civil liberties and rights are taken away from the citizens, I’d probably be interested in a discussion and show that not all of “us” support it. In fact I didn’t vote for any of the parties that are currently in the parliament – but unfortunately it doesn’t help either. Intentionally casting an invalid vote – even if 50% of the population did it – wouldn’t have any effect whatsoever! Why? Because those are not counted in the overall final results and thus even though only 50% or less of the population voted, the parliament is filled to the last seat. “Unfortunately” I didn’t feel compelled to vote for the lesser evil anymore, because the lesser evil is still too evil for my taste 🙄

Anyway, I hope I could set this straight,

// Oliver

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