DDKWizard 1.1.2 released

It has been almost half a year since DDKWizard got updated last time. But now it’s time for an update. Some accumulated reports of glitches and issues – especially those that bugged me most in daily use – got me to update the wizard finally. It has been almost a year since the very first version of DDKWizard was released to the public and it seems that at least a part of the driver community actually adopts it as a convenient way to create driver (and other) projects inside Visual Studio.

Despite many small changes and fixes, this release changes one file name, the notorious CustomVars.vsprops to <ProjectName>.vsprops. Furthermore the manual has been updated and DLL and CUI projects can now also contain a message file (.mc), which was offered before, but didn’t work properly until this version.

I hope you enjoy this update. Let me know – here in the blog or via email.

Direct download
Project website

// Oliver

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2 Responses to DDKWizard 1.1.2 released

  1. cch_plus says:

    I do not use DDKwizard at Visual studio.net 2003;


    type fished button,find errors

  2. Oliver says:

    Huh? Can you please try to rephrase your question?!

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