The terms and conditions of the air carrier where I just booked a flight states:

The taxes and charges the air carrier currently has to pay to governments, authorities, airports and others, are:

  • Overflight charges
  • Passenger taxes
  • Navigation levy
  • Landing fees
  • Environmental charges
  • Security charges
  • Extra war premium after September 11, 2001

What’s that last point supposed to be again? “war premium”? Excuse me? I do neither approve of nor support any war!

// Oliver

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3 Responses to WTF?

  1. Michael Puff says:

    Well I think it is just a flat-charge just in case you want to start a war with the planes of that air carrier. 😉 Pay it and you may have the right to tell the pilot where to drop the planes toilette content. :mrgreen:

  2. Oliver says:

    I see. So how about a form to declare that I won’t start yet another “shitty” war and don’t have to pay then?

    Well, it certainly sucks, but humor seems to be one of the only viable responses possible. 😐

    // Oliver

  3. Michael Puff says:

    You mean a form thats look like this:
    [] Will start a war.
    Target Country: ………..
    Reason (optional): ………….
    [] Won’t start a war
    [] Undecided

    By the way, I just ask Leo for “schurken staat”:
    Take a look at the 10th entry. 😯 I pray, G.W.Bush does not use Leo. 😮

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