“The wrongful withholding your overdue payment”

Approximately 10 minutes ago I received a very nice new sample of a 419-variety. Enjoy:

Valued Attention.

I resumed duty recently as policy harmonization chairman on public debt (WORLD ASSOCIATIONS OF DEBT MANAGEMENT OFFICES), a committee set up by the (WADMO) under the able presidency.
My office monitors and controls the affairs of all banks and financial institutions; I am committed to upholding and defending the constitution and laws of West African Monitoring Institution as well as achieving a higher level of public safety and security through the prosecution of criminals in the state.

The purpose of the committee among other is to investigate, verify and settle all outstanding total pending payment owned you and Records before me have revealed that your payment has not been effected as a result of official
negligence as your file have been identified either as ghost file , unclaimed deposits, and over-invoiced sum etc; this is due to many abnormalities had happened in the institutions where some top official of the apex Banks are
interested in your payment and they collaborate with impostors who are carrying a fake portfolios with levies misled and misguided about the position of your fund and having the opportunity to extort money from you that made it too
longer up till date that explains why you receive different kinds of untrue emails and phone call from different people everyday.

As we understand the difficulties of economic time that exist today and would like to repay this obligation for your plan designed to meet your budgetary need. Be inform that your payment has since being deposited with our (OFF-SHORE PAYMENT CENTRE)
AFFILIATED TO WORLD ASSOCIATIONS OF DEBT MANAGEMENT OFFICES (WADMO) FINANCE HOUSE, BENIN which in few days, all payment transaction will be concluding according to the agreement and you will receive your payment through a cashier cheque or by wire transfer to your nominated bank account from our consolidated dollars account we have with BANK OF AMERICA.

Base on the information we received, it is mandatory and compulsory that you send $140 only to this office for your NON IMMIGRANT TRANSIT TAX to enable us programming your information in the micro chip compartment of central computer
for the fund to be made available to you any way you wish to receive it. Please reconfirm your telephone and contact address to this email genkozuku@pochta.ru so that we can advice you on how to get the fee across to us for the programming of your information to enable our payment office affect the transfer to your position.

Considering the circumstances at hand, you are advice not to accept any E-mail telephone calls that does not come from this office this is to forestall new effort towards a diversion of your payment. Accept our congratulations in advance.

Best regards,

Gen .Kozuku Koffi

Is it not fun how they always find new ways to make you pay something? Possibly I should turn to WADMO with my Lavasoft-problem? :mrgreen: … nah, I prefer the Swedish court 😉

I especially enjoyed the Почта.ru-mail address. Pochta (or Почта) is the Russian word for “mail” and a free mail provider as so often in case of scam mails. Probably I should reply from my mail.ru-account?! :mrgreen:

// Oliver

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